Click the ‘start’ button with your mouse and move the ring along the cable. Be careful not to touch the cable as you move along the straights around the corners as this will cost you a 'life'.
The further you move along the cable the more points your will score.

As the game progresses you will come across hazards that you need to pass through as quickly as possible as they will damage your 'health' and will eventually cause the loss of a 'life'. You receive a bonus at the end of each stage depending on how much health you have remaining.

At the end of the game you will be shown your score and asked for your details for the high score board. If you are happy with your score please complete your details. If you want to better your score choose the ‘play again’ option. Please note that you can not go back to register an earlier score should you choose ‘play again’ and then achieve a lower score.

We'll be running the competition again, the game's still live - keep your hand in and come back soon.

Cable Dash
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