FP200 Gold and fire resistant cables from Prysmian Cables UK


FP200 Gold and fire resistant cables from Prysmian Cables UK


FP200 Gold and fire resistant cables from Prysmian Cables UK


Circuit Integrity and Fire Resistance Test

Fire Test

Circuit integrity is required for essential circuits that need to operate in the event of fire, for example fire alarm and emergency lighting systems. Cables need to demonstrate that whilst burning that the system they connect keeps functioning for a period whilst water spray and impact are applied in addition to the flame.
The tests required by EN standards or ‘European Norm’ in Europe differ from some of the fire tests required in the UK.

The European test requirement is for flame and impact measurements, categorised by the PH30 and PH120 results. The UK requirement, as corroborated by Building Regulations (i.e. the law!), is for water spray test as well as flame and impact. This represents a more onerous test and fire resistant cables that meet only the European requirements may be insufficient for UK regulations.

Flame Test

The flame test involves fixing the cable to a non-combustible backboard with metal fixings then energising the cable. 830 degrees centigrade is required to test ‘standard’ fire resistant cables, such as FP200 Gold, whilst 950 degrees is needed to test ‘enhanced’ fire resistant cables, such as FP PLUS. A butane and air mix is specific in this test, and it must be conducted at a calibrated temperature, using thermo couples before the cable is added.

Water Test

For the water test, water spray is applied directly to the burning cable. This simulates splashing from a sprinkler head and represents a normal fire protection system used in fire strategy. Water testing is two-fold as it provides the opportunity to confirm electrical properties are retained and confirms the physical strength of the insulation after burning and with water falling onto it.

Impact test

For the impact test, a 25mm steel bar impacts the cable mounting board at 5 minute intervals throughout the test. This is to test the physical strength of the burning cable and allows it to confirm its suitability in the presence of falling debris.

British Standard Cable Tests

All UK applications require a water spray test. These include the fire alarm BS5839 series, including parts 1, 6, 8 and 9, covering detection, networking, speakers and beacons. BS5266 for emergency lighting is also included and covers illuminated emergency exit signs and central battery systems, used by some of the major retail clients. To meet BS8519 a water test is also required. This British Standard covers power and control circuits for life safety and firefighting systems such as fire fighters lifts, smoke extraction and disabled refuges.

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