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FP100 Cable

FP100 is the original fire resistant single core cable for use in steel conduit (or trunking when using BS5266-1:2005).Suitable as part of a ‘standard’ or ‘enhanced’ fire resistant cable system.


FP200 Gold

FP200 Gold is a 'standard' fire resistant cable as defined by fire alarm and emergency lighting British Standards and the original alternative to mineral insulated cable. It is a tough, durable and dressable fire resistant cable - easy to install and terminate.


FP200 Gold multicore cable

FP200 Gold multicore fire resistant control cable.


FP200 Flex

FP200 Flex is a hard skin, flexible cable that is easy to install and terminate.



FP PLUS is the 'enhanced' , hard skin, dressable fire resistant cable most commonly used for fire alarm and emergency lighting circuits circuits as defined by BS5839-1:2002 and BS5266-1:2011.


FP PLUS Flex Cable

FP PLUS Flex hard skin cable for Enhanced fire alarm and fire detection circuits


FP400 Cable

FP400 is a tough, armoured cable with low fire hazard properties and limited fire resistance. Ideally suited as part of the power or control circuits in buildings if circuit integrity in the event of fire is required.



Prysmian FP600S is the ultimate fire resistant armoured cable for power and control of life satety and fighting systems. Ideal for large and complex buildings.


Frequently Asked Questions

In what ways are FP Cables better than its competitors? Can FP cables be joined? What is the meaning of the CWZ test? What clips are required?

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