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Prysmian Guide to CPR
Posted: 28/08/13 12:19:26

Prysmian Guide to CPR

The new EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) was adopted in 2011 and became mandatory from 1 July 2013. This EU Regulation is a law and it lays down the conditions of how to place or make available to the market, a wide range of construction products and building materials. This includes "Power, control and communication cables" and it has been described as "the most significant change for a decade in the way in which construction products are sold throughout Europe".

Legal Obligations

The new CPR replaces the old Construction Products Directive (CPD) which needed revision because it could not be applied in a harmonised way throughout the EU. The new regulation applies directly without national interpretation, and should remove existing barriers to trade. CPR imposes legal obligations on manufacturers, importers and distributors who market products in the EU.

Fire Resistance

For most construction products already CE marked under CPD, there will be a transition from CPD to CPR. However, "power, control and communication cables" were not CE marked under the CPD which means that the CPR signifies a new start for these products. Although many cables are already CE marked under the Low Voltage Directive this will not change. CE marking of cables under the CPR will cover only their reaction to fire behaviour initially, ie how they limit the generation and spread of fire and smoke. Only at a later stage will their resistance to fire be ranked ie classified in relation to their ability to retain circuit integrity in the event of fire.

1st July 2013 was an important date for the CPR, the actual date when cables are CE marked under the CPR for their fire performance and the issue of the Declaration of Performance will be some time later.

Based upon current information the best estimate is the second half of 2014. Therefore nothing changed for cables on 1st July 2013 and cables will continue to be marketed under the current arrangements.

Prysmian Ready

Despite the inherent uncertainty of the legal process at EU and member state level, Prysmian Group is getting ready. Fully coordinated project teams led by business and R&D staff are working in the UK and at overseas corporate level to serve and support our customers with regard to the new CE-Marking rules, as well as trying to anticipate future market requirements.

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