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Insudite - Tough Fire Resistant Insulation


The silicone insulation of many fire resistant cables for fire alarms and emergency lighting systems are soft and can be prone to damage during and after installation. Cores can be nicked or cut during installation thus weakening the insulation properties of the cable and potentially causing faults throughout the service life.

Damage to these soft skinned cables can occur readily and care needs to be taken during unreeling and first fix. Although this lower grade (EI2) material is permitted by the cable standard it is more fragile than the EI5 type insulation used by Prysmian FP cables. Building sites are busy places and other trades have their installations to complete too and accidental third party damage can happen. Choosing a more robust insulation can reduce delays associated with fault finding, commissioning and rework.

However, some manufacturers propose this fragile insulation reduces termination tiem because it can easily be removed with fingers rather than a standard tool. But ultimately, these practices diminish the life and quality of your installation and may well delay handover due to snagging.

Prysmian has developed a rugged composite insulation INSUDITE. Insudite is used in all FP200 Gold cable since 1996 including the ‘enhanced’ insudite in FP PLUS since 2002. Prysmian’s experience and commitment results in cables with features that satisfy the stringent UK fire regulations. It also develops cables that professional installers and engineers can fix and commission with confidence and pride.

This material is unique to Prysmian and both FP200 Gold and FPPLUS.
The chart below shows you the comparative performance of INSUDITE vs silicone-only insulations.

It is worth bearing in mind that tested against the silicone insulation in soft skin fire resistant cables, INSUDITE performs 200% better on impact, 300% better on puncture, 500% better on saw-through and 6300% better on abrasion.

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